All these tasks are done in order to take your Business to your desired Goals

We do not provide individual services - separately. It is our duty to meet your Sales or Branding needs and in order to do that, we do whatever it takes to take you there; within the same base retainer that we charge you. Here is our list of services:

How we meet your Sales Needs:

Ecommerce Store

Google Ads

Google My Business

Facebook Ads

 Sales Pages


Chatbot Automation

Closing Deals & Sales Training

Listing on Aggregator Platforms

Mass Email Conversion Campaigns

Ad Video Script, Shoot, Edit & Publish

Opening Manual Funnels - Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook Groups etc.

How we meet your Branding Needs:

Monthly Photoshoot

Youtube Videos Shoot, Edit & Publish

Daily Social Media Creation, Edit, Caption, Hashtags & Publish - Tweets, Videos, Photos, Carousels, Stories, Reels, IGTV etc.

Monthly Videoshoot

 Podcast Shoot, Edit & Publish

 Social Media Engagements - Story Repost, Comment Replies, DM Replies, DM automation & Comment on similar profiles.

Social Media Calendar Scheduling 3 months in Advance


Mass Email Marketing to keep audience engaged with your brand

Micro & macro Influencer Marketing

Social Media Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Website Design & Development - Shopify, Wix, Wordpress & HTML Java CSS

 Awareness & Reach Ad Campaigns

Creation of Profiles & Regular Posting on newer Social Media Platforms

Other Services:

Logo Design

Offline Hoarding, Banner, Leaflet, Standee, Menu Card & Poster Design

Product Label & Packaging Design